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    为在全球范围内引起对公共交通的关注,国际公交联会(UITP) 委托英国广播电视台(BBC)制作了一系列小型纪录片,以突出公共交通工具使人们生活受益的多种方式。以全球都市公共交通未来展望为主题的纪录片《城市交通:未来的公共交通》(《BBC StoryWorks & UITP ‘Urban Mobility: The future of Mass Transit’Series》)在本次峰会上进行了全球首映。该纪录片从全球各大都市挑选公共交通领域发达城市,以记录叙事的形式编制此专题。



    该系列节目在UITP全球公共交通峰会(2019年6月9日至12日,斯德哥尔摩)上展出,这是公共交通和城市交通方面同类活动中规模最大的一次。 在首映之后,会针对公共交通专业人士、公共交通管理部门、消费者和潜在的行业合作伙伴做广泛的宣传,希望更好地了解不断变化的公共交通环境及其对社会的影响力。


    June 9-12, UITP Global Public Transport Summit is held in Stockholm.

    In order to place a global spotlight on the sector, UITP has commissioned a series of mini-documentaries to highlight the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport. The documentary,  <BBC StoryWorks & UITP “‘Urban Mobility: The future of Mass Transit’ Series”>, a joint production by BBC and UITP was premiered during the summit. It is a documentary focusing on the global evolution and outlook of urban public transportation, where the cities are most developed cities in public transportation.

    General Manager Wang Huinong, Deputy General Manager Joe Ma Ching Yuen Head of International Development Hallie Liao Mingyu and President of Haylion Technologies Hu Jianping were interviewed.

    As Shenzhen is in the forefront of pioneering sustainable and environmentally-friendly public transportation, SZBG was selected as one the operators for the documentary. The full electrification of buses and taxis in Shenzhen has attracted significant global public attention.

    The series were premeired at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit (Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019) – the biggest event of its kind in public transport and urban mobility. Following this premiere, there will be an extensive advertising campaign, targeting public transport professionals, authorities, consumers and potential industry partners. It is hoped the outcome will be a better understanding of what is happening in the constantly evolving landscape of public transport and how it will impact society.